Welcome to EKDA

We are a Scottish charity (Registration No SC041294) that supports and speaks out for the most deprived and disadvantaged communities around the world. We aim at giving such communities a chance by providing them with access to the most basic facilities that most would take for granted.

We gained our charity status in 2010 and have since been actively involved in providing relief support to the Drought stricken parts of Eastern Africa, and primarily Kenya, where most of our founders are from. The founders of EKDA are very much sober to the realities and difficulties of living in an underprivileged community. The very name EKDA (which stands for the El-Amin Kibera Development Association) stems from the word Kibera, which is a name of a small town that is home to perhaps some of the most underprivileged communities in Kenya and perhaps Africa.

EKDA understand the great difference that a helping hand can make to persons life and hence the foundation of this charity. We also understand the importance of self-reliance, and thus our efforts are designed to pay particular emphasis on independence both from the problem at hand, and from external support.